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Sidecar Trike Wheelchair Restraints – Workshop & Suppliers — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Dave!

    This is a very informative article! I think it is great that these things can be done to allow anyone the opportunity to enjoy riding. I love the idea of your website!


    • Hi Sarah, thank you for your interest in occupant safety. You are absolutely correct, it is wonderful that people with disabilities can also enjoy the freedom of motorcycles. Have a great day. Dave

  2. Wow, based on that video, it looks pretty important that you use good wheelchair restraints. My aunt has to get around in a wheelchair. Making sure she has the proper restrains seem pretty important if she’s going to travel anywhere.

    • Hi Sam, thank you for stopping by and adding your comment. I think it is very important that anyone considering modifying a vehicle to carry a wheelchair passenger take a look at the Safety Crash Test video. Unrestrained dogs in vehicle crashes highlight the importance of securing a passenger. In many cases the dog has not survived the accident. Be aware that some wheelchairs do not have approved vehicle restraint attachment points on the frame. Even with tie-downs rated at 30g crash testing are unlikely to prevent injury if the wheelchair frame does not hold. Have a great day. Dave

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