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Shanniah’s Story – From Hiring to Building a Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar — 6 Comments

  1. Wow, this site Ability Motorcycles, is a work of love, both for the love of motorcycles, which I had several in my life, just to old now. and the ability to help anyone share that joy of the open road. Sometimes I wish I had one again, but I live in Washington State USA and it rains a lot here

  2. Hi Ross, thank you for your kind reply. Yes there is a lot of passion and love that has gone into this website. Hopefully it will fill it’s purpose and help others get back on the bike. I could say your never too old, however I am not you and do not know your situation. But I can say that rain is no barrier if you have passion, the correct riding gear and the right bike. Have an excellent day. Dave

    • I am glad you will share with your friend. I hope she and her family will be inspired by my daughters story. If they already ride motorcycles it will give them hope to include their daughter, if not, they may be able to locate a sidecar for hire, like we did at the beginning. Have a great day. Dave

  3. I cried. So much love! So much talent and creativity!
    Dave, your daughter’s smile is precious. I know the feeling.
    Shared with my 750+ world-wide Facebook friends

  4. Hi Julia, thank you for your kind words. Shanniah is truly a princess, she deserves to have her dreams come true. Building the wheelchair accessible sidecar was a difficult journey, but her smile confirms it was worth it. Thank you for sharing with your friends, I think this will help many others understand disability and that anything is possible if you put your mind on it and don’t give up. I think you would also find the following webpage inspiring: http://abilitymotorcycles.com/off-road-access-disability-becomes-ability-in-the-wild
    Especially the underwater deep sea diving wheelchair. Have a wonderful day. Dave

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