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  1. Hi Greg, I have dedicated Ability Motorcycles to finding solutions to these sorts of limitations. I would love to share what I can to help you.

    Stabilizer Bars Landing Gear:
    That page also has a link to where to get a Linear Actuator.

    Engineers: These people would love to help you:

    Landing Gear; This is very discrete landing gear:

    Another solution is an Outrigger:

    Please let me know if you find a solution other than what I have provided so I can share with others. I hope I have been some help.

    I love your passion that although you have encountered an obstacle, you will not allow it to stop you riding.
    Have a great day. Dave

    • Hey Dave, would you happen to know if theres any companies that may still be fabricating sidecars to bikes so the person in the sidecar can drive it? I called a couple places and no luck. Either they dont do them or stopped doing them. Im a quadriplegic so I would also need special hand controls etc but all I see out there is stuff for paraplegics mostly. Any clue?

  2. I need help with some landing gear for an ultra classic. Don’t know who to turn to. I need help when coming to a stop with a rider as my hips are about gone. Please help with any suggestions…thanks

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